Education challenge has emerged a consequence of improving a thorough sectors. A proficient leader or teacher are required to achieve the nission of delivering global educating system. This programme contains a short signthcant trañng to conceive a greater understanding as a global teacher. In order to consistently perform a better way of educating, enhance your individual teaching skill by conducting a proper learning environment. AED provde the following subject: Global: Organisational and Leadership Challenges English Course: contains a year of English training programme in addition to face the global education challenge. Conversation in English English for Academic Purpose Effective Presentation Corn municativo Grammar Education Seminar

SCHOOL ACCREDITATION Our core mission is to ensure that education provided by institutions meets acceptable level of quality. We develop evaluation criteria and conducting it. Institutions that meet the criteria will get the “school accredited” certificate. School Accredittion Criteria Prochedure Certificate ACADEMIC CERTIFICATION Standard and Objective Education in intercultural context Teaching competencies Language dimension Student transition and mobility Continuing professional development as an international educator

AED helps you to examine your education objectives and how the current implementation. The assesment of human performances will be held to improve the whole system. Conducting training, certification and other improvement programmes, AED allow your employee to realize their full potential which will lead them educating through a better way. Our experienced education consultant will analyse and helps you determine whether the employees are requiring skill update. By engaging our training and certification, the understanding of factors that influence educating performance will comprehensively be explained and implemented. AED will intensely engage in any occasion related to human resources such as candidates interview, job describing and employee assesment. An integrated services from AED will transform your team to be more proficient in implementing core value and mission.

Starting, transforming or upgrading an organization will assert a new mission. AED consultant services enable your organization to profoundly understand the way to properly implement the new mission. AED will work closely with you to create a new management system so that the employee has their function aligned with the organization transformation. We will examine objective, planning, staffing, communication, cultivating and prospecting.

AED provides a consolidation method of both western and eastern curriculum program. AED will help you to adjust the education method based on your needs and vision. Here are our supporting curriculum program: - Ministry of Education Singapore - Cambridge University Press

We commited to bring an enhancement in each fields based with an advanced IT system. This is a primary tools of connectivity, information, as well as security. Each organization needs the s ystem which facilitating all field to be properly managable, ease of controlling. In partnership with microsoft, AED yet to revitalize all sector of a school department including : - Cloud Server System - Administration Archiving - School Development Tracking - Fun Learning Method Leveraging an information technology and apply it in a suitable needs is the best way to bring your school one step ahead.