Almost 30% out of 240 million people in Indonesia are below the standard-living. A fundamental mistake must have occured for a long time. A government look despaired with this condition, however, the hope from the educator may enlight the spirit to rebuild the country. They believe that this problem can be resolved by proper education in which introducing a young generation with profound understanding about long life learning. Hereby, thousand new schools were established with an International Curriculum to gain the gist of a proper educating system which generate the individual intelligence. The school founder has the faith whereas in order to begin the improvement, conceiving an excellent generation through education is inevitable path to be chosen. AED is taking a part by helping a new school to integrate the mission toward qualified educating institution. AED will guide you to start a school business in a broad field of implementation. Our education expert and AED consulting system are ready to become your partner and consultant in addition to conduct a profitable yet prospectful school business in Indonesia. Contact us for the detail.

We provide an integrated system and guidance to enable you to enhance your education performance and efectiveness by upgrading the curriculum

We would be glad to start a partnership with you AED also invite any of you who wants to start a partnership with us to build a new school located on your property. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more clear information and condition of how school business is. A. Land Owner Partnership Opportunity B. Building Owner Partnership Opportunity